Lovegood Bath Potions

Floo GREEN bath powder 3oz

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Smoke and brimstone scented, avocado oil, epsom salt, mica glitter! 3 oz powder bag

Every Bath Potion comes shrink wrapped. Every package comes with insurance in case of ANY breaking during shipping. If you have any issues when receiving your 'Bath Potions' send me a message and I will be able to send you another free of charge!

These Bath Potions do not stain or dye the bathtub. Simply just rinse out the bathtub after use. 100% VEGAN. HAND MADE.

The colors vary with each batch I make, but most of these Bath Potions make the water GREEN with lots of swirling glitter!

Each FULL ORDER comes with a handwritten envelope with your receipt and business cards inside! If you would like a different name or address on the envelope, message me so I can make a note of it for your order