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Black Castle candle 8oz

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Scented with Teakwood and leather

Gorgeous Candle -  Perfect home decor piece for Bedroom or Living Room. 

BEAUTIFUL ROOM ACCESSORY: The perfect addition to any room. HOGWARTS shape to add some extra magic in your life. 

GOOD FOR ALL ROOM/HOME DISPLAY: Great for bringing soem HP style to any space. Shelves, Dressers, Tables, Alters and more. Why hide your love of HP when you can have it displayed like art!

HIGHEST QUALITY: Made from Pillar Wax, this stunning HOGWARTS Shaped Candle provides durability. The perfect gift for friends, college students, siblings, boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

 Candle includes a wick that can be easily lit at any time. Recommended to burn for short periods at a time to preserve the gorgeous shape.